March 31, 2012

Yetti Bani Sudhara

Pashupati Sharma & Rita Thapa

Jhan Jhan Ramri Bhaichhau, Kun Sabunle Mukh Dhoi Chhau

Prajapati Parajuli & Devi Gharti

March 25, 2012

Hasna Bolna Parchha

Album: Ho Ki Haina Ta Sanu
Song: Hasna Bolna Parchha
Singers: Sunita Dulal and Khuman Adhikari
Producer: Kamala Devi Digital P. Ltd.

March 21, 2012

Robin Bhandari - Flyin' High with 'Manai Na Ho'

For Robin Bhandari, making a living as a renowned travel agent has been a difficult path but also one of the most rewarding. He is the sole owner of Peaceland Travel and Tours, one of the oldest reputable travel agency in the USA run by Nepalese. Now Mr. Bhandari has embarked on a new journey that is already showing great promise. With the recent release of his debut album “Manai Na Ho”, we’ve caught up this multitalented businessman to chat his journey into the world of music, about business and his eternal love for his godfather.

Sarishma Amatya Returns With Passion

It’s been seven long years since Nepal’s pop diva, Sarishma Amatya left her native homeland  for the States. After a lengthy hiatus and subsequently laying low from the media spotlight, the queen bee of Nepali Pop music is back  with her third brand spankin’ new album “Passion” released by Rise Music. With her third album released recently, we met up with the lady herself to find out what she’s been up to during her years in hiding.

Tell us briefly how you ended up migrating to the States?
Well my husband (singer Sanjeev Pradhan) and I went to the U.S to participate in a show for two to  three months. After it being a success everyone there suggested that we apply for green card. So we took the chance and in less than three months we were granted green card.

Antai Basai Sarchhu Nabhana

Ramji Khan And Muna Thapa

Bhirako Phool Bhirmai Phulna Deu

Raju Pariyar And Bishnu Majhi

Compulsion of Nepali Music Video

बाध्यता म्युजिक भिडियोको

'रियालिटी' र 'दिलको बदला दिल' गरी दुई एल्बम निकालेकी गायिका दीपा पन्तले आफ्ना एल्बम चलाउन कम्ता कसरत गर्नुपरेन । गीत रेकर्ड गराएर अडियो बजारमा ल्याइन् तर यतिले मात्र अहिलेको साङ्गीतिक बजारमा सफलता कमाउने कसरत पुग्दैन । दुई एल्बमका लागि उनले चारवटा म्युजिक भिडियो बनाएकी छन् ।

March 13, 2012

‘Music is your religion’

It is common for children to want to follow in the footsteps of their parents and for Raju Gurung, son of veteran musician Ambar Gurung—one of the stalwarts of the Nepali music industry—the decision to forge a career in music was a natural one, as it was for his sister and two brothers.

Choli Dhakale

Khuman Adhikari & Bishnu Majhi

Yestai Raichha Maya

Bishnu Majhi, Yam Chhetri & Khuman Adhikari

March 12, 2012

Mahesh Khadka's solo album in progress

नेपाली चलचित्र सांगीतिक विधामा धेरै समय अगाडी देखि लाग्दै आएका संगीतकार महेश खड्काले अब आफ्नै एकल संगीतमा एल्बम को तयारी गरिरहेका छन् । विभिन्न चलचित्रहरुमा थुप्रै कामहरु गरिसकेका संगीतकार महेशको चलत्रित्रका गीतहरुमा मात्र नभई विभिन्न गीति एल्बमहरुमा पनि उनले संगीत भरेका सुमधुर गीतहरु प्रशस्त भेटिन्छ । प्रायजसो चलचित्र तथा एल्बमका गीत रिकर्डिङमा नै व्यस्त रहने महेशले एल्बममा ६ वटा गीतहरु समावेश गरेका छन् । शिव परियार, दिपक लिम्बु, प्रमोद खरेल, अन्जु पन्त तथा स्वरुपराज आचार्यको स्वर भरेको उक्त एल्बमलाई एक महिनाभित्रै बजारमा निकाल्ने उनले बताए। उक्त एल्बमको प्रमोसनल गीत 'माया कोमल हुन्छ भन्थे, खोइ त तरबार भो मलाई ....' बोलको गितलाई शिव परियारले गाएका छन् ।

Bolnai Pardaina

Khuman Adhikari & Bishnu Majhi

Ghiti Ghiti Bachi Rakochhu

Khuman Adhikari & Bishnu Majhi

March 6, 2012

NTV Program 'Pahichaan' (पहिचान)

Interview, Sunita Dulal

Sarumai Raani

Sarumai Raani By Milan Lama

Phool Ma Mauri Rasaile

Kastup Panta & Devi Gharti

METAL MAYHEM-IV Live Concert in Nepal

After 3 Successful Installments of "METAL MAYHEM I, II & III", Headlined By Kalodin (Nepal) Nervo Chaos (Brazil) as Indoor Festival's..."METAL MAYHEM IV" Goes OPEN AIR From March 2012. Being Headlined by none other than the Godfathers Of GRINDCORE & THE LEGENDS "NAPALM DEATH" from U.K. who's been making Waves All over the world for 30 Years Since 1981, The Guinness Book Of World Record Holders for the Shortest Song Ever Recorded, The Legends who Started the Term "BLAST BEATS" which every Drummer from Metal Bands in The WORLD today Frequently Uses in Their Songs, appeared in a prominent UK TV series named “Skins”?, Also Appeared at Alice Cooper hosted episode of BBC’s Never Mind the Buzzcocks to guess from a couple of look-alikes who is the singer in NAPALM DEATH? And the List of Credentials Goes on and On..!"